DialogService crashing

If we call a confirmation dialog and, afterwards, another dialog (a page with some action), the second dialog ends before completing the task.

When the confirmation dialog is deleted, the second dialog is normally expected.

var dialogResult = await DialogService.Confirm("message", "title");
if (dialogResult.Value == false) return;

var actionResult = await DialogService.OpenAsync("", null, new DialogOptions() { Width = "70%" });

I've tried that in our demo however everything worked as expected:

Okay. I will investigate the case.

The problem is in the second dialog (code below). When there is no first confirmation dialog on the parent page, OnAfterRenderAsync (second dialog) is executed only once.

When there is the first confirmation dialog on the parent page, the OnAfterRenderAsync of the second dialog is called more than once, finding DialogService.Close (null) in the reenderization.

To solve it, I transferred DialogService.Close (null) into if (firstRender). But, it is something for an investigation.

NOTE: private void Close ... is not being used.

There is no problem

The problem occurs, when there are two dialogs on the parent page (confirmation and the service execution page)