DialogService AlertOptions TitleContent not working

Hi Team!

I am struggling with DialogService AlertOptions TitleContent in Alert function. I am trying to set up an alert dialog with an icon to the left of the title. I am creating RenderFragment for a TitleContent with this code on your demo (Blazor Dialog Component | Free UI Components by Radzen):

@inject DialogService DialogService

<div class="rz-p-12 rz-text-align-center">
    <RadzenButton Text="Alert dialog" ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Secondary" 
        Click=@(args => DialogService.Alert("Some message!", "MyTitle", @alertOptions)) />

    AlertOptions alertOptions = new AlertOptions
        TitleContent = (dialog) => (builder) =>
            builder.OpenElement(0, "div");
            builder.AddAttribute(1, "style", "display: flex; align-items: center;");
            builder.OpenElement(2, "img");
            builder.AddAttribute(3, "src", "https://via.placeholder.com/24");
            builder.AddAttribute(4, "alt", "Icon");
            builder.AddAttribute(5, "style", "margin-right: 8px;");
            builder.OpenElement(6, "span");
            builder.AddContent(7, "Custom Title");

its result is this:


Am I missing something or using it incorrectly?

Thank You in advance,


Hi @Patryk_Kus,

Indeed I just checked the code of the DialogService and TitleContent will not be applied to simple dialogs like Alert and Confirm. We accept pull requests!

Thanks for the information, will do!