DialogBox OnInitializedAsync await no stop

I'm currently creating a Blazor Server app.

The component used here is Radzen Blazor.

I want to display a dialog box when I display the page (like entering a password, for example) and receive the result.

I thought this password verification should be done first, so I wrote the code inside OnInitializedAsync () to display a dialog box.

However, I am using await in the "await DialogService.OpenAsync (messageTitle, dParam, dOpt);" part of the "Code that calls the dialog box" code below, but the dialog box is not displayed and the code is I will move on.

When I call the dialog box somewhere other than OnInitializedAsync () for validation (eg when I press a button), await works and the dialog box is displayed.

I may not understand the behavior of asynchronous processing and OnInitializedAsync, but why doesn't the asynchronous processing await called inside OnInitializedAsync () work?

---Code that uses dialog boxes---

protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync()

    var passCheck = await base.PasswordDialogBox("Please enter your password", "Password");

    if (passCheck)
        //What to do if the password is correct

---Code that calls the dialog box---

protected async Task<bool> PasswordDialogBox(string messageText, string messageTitle)
    var dParam = new Dictionary<string, object>() { { "Message", messageText } };
    var dOpt = new Radzen.DialogOptions() { Width = "500px", Height = "300px" };
    // ↓not stop
    var passCheck = await DialogService.OpenAsync<PasswordDialog>(messageTitle, dParam, dOpt); 
    if(passCheck == null)
        passCheck = false;
    return passCheck;

Indeed OnInitializedAsync is too early, you can use OnAfterRenderAsync.

I'm sorry for the late reply.

As advised, I tried OnAfterRenderAsync.

Certainly this has been confirmed to work properly without going through await.

However, I confirmed one problem.
It closes the dialog box and then reloads the page with the F5 key and the dialog box does not appear.

There were no errors, and when I stepped in the code, I was able to confirm that await DialogService.OpenAsync (messageTitle, dParam, dOpt); was called, but a dialog box popped up. I will not.

What could be the cause of this?