Dialog position locked some content not visible

good day,
I have an issue with my application...
opening a dialog who's content causes the height of the dialog to extend to the bottom of the screen... the dialog y position is locked. and you can not view the content bellow the screen, and there are no scroll bars.

Is there a way to avoid or fix this?


This is strange. The dialog is supposed to automatically scroll. Here is how the dialog behaves by default:

Did you set the Height of the Dialog when opening it?

yes that is what I would like to see.

Height. Initially used the default with no height setting.

I played around with the height value but did not seem to fix the issue. If I made the window small enough it would not reach the bottom and would not lock, however it also doesn't have any scroll bar and I can't get to all the content.

Here is what I found.

  1. when the dialog initial opens it does not have scroll bars and when it sizes to fit the content it 'hits' the bottom and locks in this y position
  2. If I resize my browser window even slightly, the dialog is reconfigured and works properly.

initial state (locked to bottom | no scroll)

after resizing the browser window

does this help?


Yes, it helps! It seems the dialog component that we use cannot properly size when some of its content is loaded after the initial display (the DataGrid in your case). We will investigate a possible fix or workaround and update the thread.

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The latest Radzen release should address this issue.


As always thanks for the quick response.

This, 2.17.3 fixed one of the dialog issues, but not the other. I thought they were related so I only sent the one.

In this second scenario, the dialog opens relatively small and does not hit the bottom of the window and is not 'stuck'. when the dialog is expanded and hits the bottom of the window, the dialog gets 'stuck' in the y position.

Initial opening of the Dialog. not stuck

expand the content, the dialog is stuck and content is hidden


Thanks @michael, we will address that in the upcoming Radzen release.

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works great, thanks.