Dialog component min. height problem and disable background

I want to use the Dialog component in the header part of my page for showing alarms or messages. The dialog should not have the complete width of the page, a little bit less, and also I should be able to position it.

But I have some problems here:

  1. When I use the "alert dialog" the background (I mean the rest of the page) is disabled. I couldn't find any parameter to let it active. Also I couldn't set a height like 60px 's with Height="60". It seems that there is minimum height value that I cannot change.

  2. When I use the side dialog I can set ShowMask=false for preventing the disabling of the background, but here I also have problem to set the height to small value like 60px. My sample code is:

DialogService.OpenSideAsync("Side Panel", options: new SideDialogOptions { Position = DialogPosition.Top, ShowMask = false, ShowTitle = false,Width="800px" , Height="80px",CssClass = "Dialog_class" });

in my css


Could you give me a short example with the correct dialog type?

Hi @mdarende,

RadzenDialog is a layout component. As such, it's goal is to facilitate the interaction between a user and a computer - it has a TitleBar, Content and Action buttons. If your intention is primarily "for showing alarms or messages", then you should consider using one of Radzen's so called feedback components like RadzenNotifcation or RadzenAlert. Disabling the background and adjusting the height of the Dialog means rewriting most of the Dialogs's styles to only barely mimic the look and functionality of feedback components.

Excuse me so much! I had to look also to all other components before I asked this question. Yes these two components are exactly the ones I was looking for. Radzen is really great !!! :sunglasses: