Dialog and page disabled since the update

Hello everyone,

I have a problem since the update 4.1.10 so the page seems disabled and everything is unaccessible when I open a dialog it only happens with the dialog and with the last update of the framework.

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We’ve never seen such error before - the mentioned version also is not the latest version.

Yup I didn't made update since few months because of this bug....the 4.1.9 works correctly for me but the lastest version since 4.1.10 have the bug

Make sure the <RadzenDialog /> element isn't nested in anything else in your layout.

I verified <RadzenDialog /> is not nested in the MainLayout.razor...

So I don't know where the bug comes from...

If you have Radzen or Radzen Blazor Studio subscription you can send us your application at info@radzen.com. If the application is to big you can use Google Drive or other similar service.

It seems that comes from the CSS where tyhe z-index is not correctly defined for the dialog...I tried to modified it via the app.css but it seems to not doing something....

Hello @korchev @enchev

I figured out why this bug appears it seems that when you update and you put

<link rel="stylesheet" href="_content/Radzen.Blazor/css/standard-base.css">

in the index.html it is not imported in the project and only default-base.css is used

I tried to put it in MainLayout.razor and it worked so it's a CSS or an importation bug when you have an anterior version of Radzen....

I had the same issue in the latest version (4.7.10) and this did fix it. Thank you @jmarmouzet !

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