Deployment in Ubuntu


I have finished my 1st App, and I want to publish it to a DigitalOcean Ubuntu droplet.
Where can I find the procedure to deploy to ubuntu?


What web server are you going to use? Just specifying Ubuntu doesn't answer that.

NGINX or Apache (or both if your standart deployment procedure uses NGINX as reverse proxy) ... the easiest to get the procedure for is ok... the DB is going to be a managed DB from DO (I have even developed like that) so DB is not an issue at all...


There are no Radzen specific deployment instructions for Nginx. Radzen produces a standard ASP.NET Core application. You use deploy to zip, upload the ZIP to your server and then follow the ASP.NET documentation for hosting ASP.NET Core and Nginx. Some Radzen users have used Docker with success.

OK thanks. About Angular? Nothing to consider?

The Angular part of the application is served by the ASP.NET Core part. So there is nothing additional to consider.