Deploying radzen issue on hosting

Hi Guys,

I was able to deploy my Radzen on Asphostportal hosting environment. But, the weird thing is I can't login. I have users in database. Before create this topic, I read Radzen forum and I saw something on generating certificate for identity server. Is that the issue? Do I need to generate certificate to run my Blazor application?

Any insight will be appreciated here. Thank you

This is used in WebAssembly only while according to the category of your post your application is Blazor server.

Hi enchev,

Thank you. Apologize if I don't understand you clearly. So, do you mean I can't use this feature on my windows hosting environment?

Tahnk you

I’ve never said such thing. You asked for security with identity server and I’ve noted that this is related to WebAssembly not server Blazor. So far I’m totally unsure what problems you have: with deploy, security, or something else nor what type is your application.