Deploy ZIP to IIS - how to (in detail)?



I have successfully created a ZIP file for deployment.
base href: "Default Web Site/app-2"

OK, so now I have a ZIP containg my app ("app2") - but how do I exactly deploy to IIS (in my case IIS 8.5 on Windows 2012R2)

I have IIS folder structure on my server like this:

Now where should I copy all the files from the ZIP?

  1. Should I delete existing wwwroot folder and copy the one from the ZIP ?
  2. Should I create subfolder under existing wwwroot ?
  3. Should I create folder "app2" - and if so - where ? under existing wwwroot?
  4. What is final folder structure for an application named "app-2" ?
  5. How to configure access/credentitals to SQL-Server (in my case local, so SQL-Server is on same server as IIS)

I have read

and checked forum, but I can not make the ZIP work...


If you want to deploy a ZIP file to IIS you should follow these steps. By the way the Base href should be set to /app-2. The thing you have used Default Web Site/app-2 is for IIS deployment (by the way why don't you use deploy to IIS?).