Deploy to Azure does not work


today I updated to the latest Version of Radzen.

I tried to publish to azure but. The first time I had no errors etc but the app does not update. I tried to add a new screen, but it does not change in the azure app.


Try to browse your app in incognito mode or clear your browser cache.


I tried, but it does not work.

Radzen shut down every second deploy try.

Another thing:
I try to publish to:
Radzen opens https://https// after publish.

Unfortunately I’m not sure what and why is not working and the only option to help is to send us your application to try deploy to Azure locally. Possible approach also can be to deploy to ZIP and manually copy the content of the zip to your Azure web site.

I found the problem.
I published to Azure several times before. In the Site Name there was the publish URL and it worked.

I had to change it to Site name instead of publish url. Now it is working.