Deleting Row causes RowClick also to fire

If I delete a row using the built in row button on my grid, the row gets deleted and then the RowSelect event gets fired straight after. This causes the edit page to load but of course the record no longer exists and so errors.

Is there a way to stop the RowSelect event firing after a row delete?


Yes, you can set custom attribute @onclick:stopPropagation="true" similar to our CRUD pages:

            <RadzenGridColumn TItem="SampleBlazor.Models.Sample.Order" Filterable="false" Sortable="false" TextAlign="TextAlign.Center" Width="70px">
              <Template Context="sampleBlazorModelsSampleOrder">
                <RadzenButton ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Danger" Icon="close" Size="ButtonSize.Small" Click="@((args) =>GridDeleteButtonClick(args, sampleBlazorModelsSampleOrder))" @onclick:stopPropagation="true">