Delete doubts

Hi guys

I have 2 doubts,

  1. When I try to delete the rows with an specific Id, it executes without errors but in Database the row is still there, The delete method is the one inferred I just seek what id is what im going to delete

before that llines I delete from other tables with their proper delete method, and these works fine except for that table, the next step to that is delete from the AspNetUser tables and i cant do it because of that... any ideas to check?

  1. When I have to delete or insert into many tables, I use the methods inferred, each one has his own transaction, but can i manage a transaction that cover all operations , pass a transaction object as reference I mean, with the methods inferred or I have to manage with new ones

Thks for your help

Hi @mario.rodriguez,

We are not sure why the delete is not working for you. You can check if your database is requested from delete operation.

Such functionality is not supported out-of-the-box. If you need multiple operations with single method you can create your own custom method as per our documentation: Invoke method (Blazor)

Okm thks @enchev, now i have to find out How can i check if my database is requested from delete operation, it's so rare, every delete operation works fine...i dont know what about this table.

Hi @enchev , I did a profiler process in sql about to check the delete operation in that table, and when the debug from Visual Studio executes Delete operation, what trace shows its a SELECT sentence instead of DELETE. I check another page where i have delete operations, and the profiler shows DELETE sql sentence.

You know how or where do i have to change, because that method its inferred out-of-the-box.

Hi @mario.rodriguez,

I’m afraid that I don’t have any idea why SELECT is executed instead DELETE. To provide more info I’ll need an application and a database where I can reproduce the problem. You can upload it to a service like Google Drive and send us the link to