Default value for Datetime Picker in angular radzen


I have a problem when I want to pre-populate the Datetime Picker in my app. How can I set the default value to be current datetime ? And I specifically need the syntax here:

<rz-datepicker #datepicker0 (change)="datepicker0Change($event)">

There are numerous examples from Blazor and nothing from Angular. It should be something trivial, but there aren't any clues as to how a default thing should be.

Again I need the programmatical approach, not the UI one. Thanks

Hey @aleksandarveljanov98,

The category of your post is for Blazor components, please change it. Check also this article:

I solved the issue, I already had ng-model binding, only needed to assign a different object, I am aware of how that works, but the question was referring to rz-datepicker and if it has some specific default value that can be added (part of Radzen), apart from ng-model binding.

Thanks anyway