Default Text Value for Textbox

Experimenting with Razden as the new Front End for several of my MS Access forms. With MS SQL as the backend. One of the form items needing it to say always insert the string Audit. What would the syntax for the value line to accomplish this goal be? I am very new to web coding.

Hi @Stan_Marko,
simply set the value property of the textbox to a property. I think you are on an "add" page. In the Load event the entity class will be initialized.

After this you can set the .LogType Text property to "Audit"
Thats all.


Hi @Stan_Marko,

I recommend checking the following articles. They explain how to work with page properties and components in Radzen:

Template Form

Basically you need to create a property (use the Set Property action) then set the Value of the desired textbox to ${propertyName}.

The syntax that @Thomas suggested won't work because it is for Blazor applications whereas you seem to be using Angular.

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ooops... yes. I meant Blazor. Sorry for irritating.


My next has to do with Views. When setting up permissions for certain tables, I used views as my method of doing so.MS Access allows me to edit data supplied from a SQL Table View, however when using the crud generator for both angular and blazor, it just gives me a view only page and not the Add and Edit pages.

Indeed Radzen does not support CRUD pages with SQL views. The main reason is that Views don't have a primary key and Entity Framework needs that to do CRUD.

Would there be any work around if it is a view based off a single table, and one of the columns was the Primary Key from the original table?