Default buttons on CRUD scaffolded pages

Happy New Year!

I'm picking up where I left off with Radzen a while back and I am looking at Blazor in the latest Radzen release.

I have a project where I've added some pages using the CRUD template that adds (add, edit and list) pages for my database entities. I can see all the load methods and understand them and I can see how the properties are wired up to controls. However, the default Save button is not wired to any events. Is this intentional? Do I need to choose the updateEntity or createEntity in the Invoke data source method for each Save button on my new pages?


Hi @Paul_Pitchford,

The default pages rely on the Submit event of the templateform component. The button is of submit type which in return triggers form validation and submit. We recommend using the form submit event as it will fire only if the form is valid


I see, thank you for getting me back on track. First day back at work today. Rusty is an understatement.

Thank you.