Decimal point

In Spanish the decimal point is a ',' (comma not a dot).

When we edit in a grid it seems that we have to put a dot. Is there any possibility of using the comma?

Hi @esanchis,

Radzen apps are using <input type="number"> and the browser will get the settings from the operation system. For Windows for example you can change from regional formats:

default for English (United States) is

If you want to have comma as decimal separator not depending on your users browser you can use regular TextBox with some additional code to parse the input to number.

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Hello Radzen-Team,

changing regional formats in Windows as suggested has no effect at all on the appearance of number columns/values in my application. How can I format for german requirements then? Is it possible to register the german locale to my application like

import { registerLocaleData } from '@angular/common';
import localeDe from '@angular/common/locales/de';
registerLocaleData(localeDe, 'de');

...and then use a template like

${data.ColName | number:'1.2':'de'}


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Hi @mkfromhighlands,

Do you have culture specified for your Radzen app?

At the moment, no culture is specified.

You might need to set it if you want your application to be culture specific:

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I read Always had only one culture specified. Now it works.

Thank you for advice!