Debug with VS Code: No symbols have been loaded for this document


Trying to debug in VS Code installed and configured like specified here

Launch app from Radzen then attached to .NET OK. But I can not position Breakpoints: No symbols have been loaded for this document.

Same behaviour between angular and blazor.

Thank you for any clue!!

You need to open the application source code in visual studio first.

Same bahavior. Maybe my app was really built without debugging information? Can I control that somewhere?

Radzen applications run in debug mode. You have probably attached to a different process. Try running the application from VS code.

Oh yes now it worked! Thank you Korchev!

In my case it does not work even running from visual studio code with "name": ".NET Core Launch (web)",

I am using linux.

I have many of these messages:

'/usr/share/dotnet/shared/Microsoft.NETCore.App/5.0.1/System.Reflection.Metadata.dll' è stato caricato. Caricamento dei simboli ignorato. Il modulo è ottimizzato e l'opzione del debugger 'Solo codice utente' è abilitata.

Hi @mgiammarco,

Unfortunately we haven't experienced this error with the built-in .NET framework assemblies and are not sure what may be causing it. You can try creating a brand new application with the dotnet CLI and see if debugging works there. Then you can compare the configurations.