DB Table with references to 2 copies of another table

Im new to Radzen (but not C#), so I apologize if this is obvious.
I have 2 tables, horse and user

horse references user 2x, as breeder_id => user, and owner_id => user.

However when the app gets generated, C# tries to generate Horse to reference User, but it breaks on generation, I believe because it needs to say,

public User User { get; set; }

Needs to be:
public User Breeder { get; set; }
public User Owner { get; set; }

However when I change it, and run the app, the code gets reset back to the original. I understand the is a RAD tool, but maybe I'm missing something on how to fix incorrect models.

Any suggestions would be helpful!

Below are trimmed down tables (postgres)

create table horse
id                  serial not null
    constraint horse_pkey
        primary key,
name                text,
owner_id            integer
    constraint horse_owner_id_fkey
        references "user",
breeder_id          integer
    constraint horse_breeder_id_fkey
        references "user",

create table "user"
id              serial    not null
    constraint user_pkey
        primary key,
name            varchar,

Check this article: https://www.radzen.com/documentation/blazor/customizing-generated-application/