Day view of scheduler off

Hello Radzen,
I noticed that the when using the Day View and/or the Week View in the Scheduler, the times don't all line up the the grid. I have included a screenshot below. If I select the last slot in the grid, which is aligned with 9 PM, it is actually using 11:30 PM so it's off. Is this something on my end or with the component?


Andrew King

Hi @awking1987,

Seems to work as expected here. Can you reproduce this glitch on our demo somehow?

I noticed that as well, I'm not sure why it's off for me. It doesn't seem to matter if I change the height either.

Something I noticed after looking between the two, the example one seems to have wider grid slots than mine. Is that a setting somewhere?

Do you have a custom theme or somehow override the default styling? Also what is your RadzenScheduler declaration (you can paste it here)?

I don't think I have any custom styling that is changing that but I'll look. Here is my scheduler declaration:
<RadzenScheduler @ref=@scheduler SlotRender=@OnSlotRender Style="height: 100vh;" TItem="Events" Data=@eventsList StartProperty="StartTime" EndProperty="EndTime"
TextProperty="Title" SelectedIndex="2" SlotSelect=@OnSlotSelect AppointmentSelect=@OnAppointmentSelect AppointmentRender=@OnAppointmentRender>

I found what causes it - it is a regression introduced in v4.0. We will address it with the next Radzen.Blazor release.