Datgrid Insert

My situation: I got a car grid which can select multiple car rows.
Over the car grid I got a field where I can write new error entries and than add it to the cars.
The error entries are inserted in the database correctly and if I refresh the page the new error entries are here but if I dont refresh the page the data grid still shows the old entries.
Is there a way to reload the grid somehow if a new error entrie is made?

Hi @cherryman,

If the DataGrid is bound to IQueryable you can call Reload() method otherwise you need to execute the code that retrieves and updates the what's bound to Data property.

Thank you for your answer!
How do I bound my grid to IQueryable?

If the DataGrid is bound to an SQL data source in Radzen you are using already IQueryable. Check also our demos for reference.

Yeah the data is bound via entity framework to a sql data source.
But if i do await grid.Reload() nothing is happening.
Could you send me a link for a demo please?


Does reload work even the context is disposed after loading?

I'm afraid that I don't understand what you are saying. The context is not disposed.

But if the context is disposed after loading I have to manually update the list which displays values for the grid or?

As I said already nothing is disposed. I'm afraid that I cannot add anything else to this thread.