DatePicker Set a CSS Class

I really need to be able to apply a CSS class to the datepicker and other components otherwise they are just not usable since they don't match the bootstrap theme of our site. I see where we can add manual style tags but for classes like form-control that is just not going to be a workable solution. Is there some way to apply a CSS class that isn't documented by chance? Thanks!

There is a documented way to add custom classes. Just add a class attribute with the desired value:

<RadzenTextBox class="my-class" />

That doesn't seem to be picked up by intellisense at least for the RadzenDatePicker.

Okay so it does still build and it changes the style but doesn't work with our bootstrap theme so I'll have to kick it over to our frontend team to see if they can somehow make that work for this control. I do think it would be good if users that are just using the controls and not the Radzen editor to mention in the individual control help that you can specify the class name. That's pretty important even though it doesn't quite work in our scenario.

Custom attributes can't appear in intellisense as they are by definition "custom". That's how Blazor is implemented and is unrelated to Radzen.

Your bootstrap theme will hardly work for any Radzen component as we don't use bootstrap classes for the component styling. One can either tweak an existing Radzen theme or override the default theme CSS.