DatePicker not applying Name attribute

Hello @Team.

<RadzenDatePicker @bind-Value=@(@context.MondayStart) DateFormat=@("HH:mm") Inline="true" Name="PeriodMondayStartInput" ShowTime="true" ShowTimeOkButton="false" TimeOnly="true" />

Hi @kim,

Not sure I understand the problem, can provide more details?

I think he meant that this

should have a 'Name="PeriodMondayStartInput"' tag on it as shown here

and here

But it does not and he likes to know why.

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Name attribute is used when submitting forms in normal web applications however in Blazor usually this is not the case, still I've added name attribute for the input:


@Gottegubben thanks for the help!

@enchev thanks for adding the attribute. We are using it for unit testing with Selenium.

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