DatePicker Month/Year Dropdowns do not Update Calendar


We are using the DatePicker control in our Blazor server application and have noticed that when the control is bound to a model value on the page, the month and year dropdowns do not refresh the calendar properly. When the page loads and the model value contains a non-null date value, the calendar immediately reverts back to the bound value instead of showing the month/year selected with the dropdown. The control works as expected when either a day is clicked on, if the date is entered directly, or if the initial bound value is null. It seems as though the initial value is overriding the month/year dropdown behavior. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

We're running version 4.13.4 of the Blazor control suite.


Not sure I understand exactly your report - can you replicate the same on our demo?Blazor Datepicker component with calendar mode