Datepicker Date always 1 day difference


I have an "Add page" with a Datepicker.
User can select a date, but saved to table is always the selected date minus 1 day.

User selects 31.Januar (01/31/2019) in Datepicker
Saved in database is : 30. Januar (01/30/2019)

Selection with datepicker:

Shown in Grid after closeing Add-Page:

Datepicker settings:

What could be the reason ?


Is this is a custom made Add page or auto-generated during infer? I cannot reproduce such problem with our Sample data source Orders:

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I have converted the "Add-Page" with this datepcikjer in a template and did some change to rows and columns.... but nothing that is related to the datepicker.
By the way, I have 2 datepickers on that add-page and both return 1 day difference.

The datepickers on the edit page work correctly,( this edit page is not converted to template)

Reproduced with template form! We will release fix later today!

Hi @Heinz,

Radzen 2.10.2 was just released with fix for this issue included.

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