Datepicker component

Hello radzen team,
i have 2 questions about the datepicker...

  1. when i tab into the datepicker i cant type the date because the input cursor is not set IN the datepicker. I must click into the datepicker with the mouse s.Video
    Can you please improve that so that one can tab into and type a date?

  2. When i type in a Date in the datepicker and press Enter (submit button) nothing happens. if i click in an other field in the form and press enter the submit event triggers.
    Can you please improve that too?

Kind Regards

additional Information about 2.
one must press Enter 2 Times! Then the Submit Event triggers. The required validator red text flashes shortly. Perhaps this is the reason!?
Overall... it were very nice if the datepicker component triggers the submit event the first time pressing enter :wink:


It will be fixed in the upcoming update.

Great! @enchev


It works!
Thank you very much!