Datepicker Calender starting

Hello, I am using radzen. I have a question. I use datepicker. But when program is running ı select datepicker, calender is starting on the sunday. I want to the calender start on monday. How I can?

Hi @sukru_kayhan,

Try setting the Locale property of the DatePicker e.g. to "tr-TR". Then it will display accordingly:

Hi Korchev

Failed to compile.

: Template parse errors:
Unexpected closing tag "rz-date-form-field". It may happen when the tag has already been closed by another tag. For more info see HTML Standard ("iredText requiredText="is required" i18n-title title="Teslim Tarihi" i18n-type type="date">
[ERROR ->]
<rz-string-form-field property="SERI_NO" [required]="false" i18n-requir"): C:/ENVANTER/client/src/app/add-zimmet/add-zimmet.component.html@17:8

Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce such an issue. If you own a Radzen Professional subscription you can send us your project to

Hi Korchev,
It's ok now.

Thank you.
Best Regards.