Datepicker appearance

I know it's probably a stretch, but I have implemented two seperate boxes for my datepicker in my application. One if for entering the date and the other is for entering the time and then I have a formula to combine them to store in my db. The only downside is the icons in the datepicker. I have seen other controls sets that have both a datepicker and a time picker with different icon images (calendar for date and clock for time). Is there any possibility of having a time picker control (or just a way to alter the icon would work fine). Just a shot in the dark to see if it's possible...

Thanks for all you do!

Here is an example:

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Ok, updated my .razor page. (had to put it in the ignore list)
Looked for site.css, my application didn't have it, so I added it.
Put in the code you showed.
Still shows calendar icon...
Please tell me what I did wrong...

Ok, I got it. had to add a link to site.css in _host.cshtml and then add it and the razor page to the ignore list. It works now! Thanks again!

No need to add anything to ignore list. To add class you can use attributes:

Add your custom rules to server\wwwroot\assets\css\styles.css:

The result:

Awesome! Thank you! Completely forgot about the attributes.

Has anything changed with this? Created a new application and implemented this custom css to the style.css file and then added the appropriate attribute to the control in the page and it does not change...

No. Here is the same with latest version:

Yup...misplace underscore vs dash...thank you!