DatePicker and ShowTime="false" (Radzen.Blazor 2.3.8)

The attribute ShowTime="false" is expected to supress the displayed time. As a result just the date should be visible. However the state of the attribute is not respected by the DatePicker control.

ShowTime default value is false. You can check the first DatePicker in this demo:

My input field of the DatePicker is still showing the time. Perhaps this is depending on the UI culture? I am using de-DE for example.

If you want to hide the time part in the input not just the time part of the picker you can specify DateFormat without time. For example:

<RadzenDatePicker @bind-Value="value" DateFormat="MM/dd/yyyy" />

The advantage of the DatePicker field is that its format is culture dependent. So it shows the german date and time in a german UI. By specifiying the format like you suggest I would loose this culture automatic I suppose. That is why I would like to suggest that ShowTime=off would automatically remove the time portion of the format field.

You can specify InvariantCulture format:

<RadzenDatePicker @bind-Value="value" DateFormat="d"  />

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much!