DatePicker and FirstDayOfWeek

In Spain and in other regions the first day of the week is not Sunday.
In particular in Spain it is Monday.
It would be great to be able to configure the DatePicker to determine which is the first day of the week.
Another possibility would be to use DateTimeFormatInfo.FirstDayOfWeek of System.Globalization that allows to determine which is the first day of the week depending on the culture.

Thank you

Other DatePicker
Radzen DatePicker

Thanks for the report @Emilio! We will add support for that in one of the next updates!

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Any update on this?
This is supported on Angular but not in Blazor

It’s actually supported

@enchev The FirstDayOfWeek property is not documented and not available to set on the component as well.

Our app is deployed to an Azure App Service where we wont be able to change the locale settings.
If the property is made available, just like in the Angular component, it will help.

This thread is for DatePicker component not for Scheduler