DatePicker AllowClear help

I am having an issue with the DatePicker "AllowClear" property. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, and I don't see an example with the demos for this particular functionality.

What I am seeing is that when the X is clicked to clear out the date, the underlying value does not seem to be getting the value changed (and the Change method is not getting fired to manually update it either).

My example code:

<RadzenDatePicker Name="Test-DiscardDateTime" @bind-Value=@TestDateTime AllowClear="true" ShowTime="true" ShowSeconds="false" HoursStep="1" MinutesStep="15" DateFormat="MMM dd yyyy h:mm tt" Change="@OnDateChanged"/>
<RadzenButton# Click="@CheckTestDate">Check Date</RadzenButton#>

protected DateTime? TestDateTime { get; set; }

protected void CheckTestDate()
Logger.LogInformation("CheckTestDate button clicked: Current value for TestDateTime is {testDateTime}", TestDateTime);

protected void OnDateChanged(DateTime? args)
Logger.LogInformation("OnDateChanged fired: Current value for TestDateTime is {testDateTime} and the passed argument was {args}", TestDateTime, args);

Output from this:

Is there a property that I am missing or am I using this incorrectly? Or is this a bug?


EDIT: Added a # to the button element tags so it would show up. And added the property that is being updated.

It will be available in our next update later this week: