Date Filter format (Angular)

Hope it's simple, I need to pass a date to the filter parameter of the invoke data source method.

Using MSSQL, date field in sql is date type.

I have tried:
and setting the filter to date eq '${utcDate}' but I get an error saying unable to load.

If I remove the date from the filter I can filter the date without issue via the grid. What format is the filter expecting?

Try this

2.Set date to new Date()


date eq '${date.toISOString().slice(0, 10)}'

I can see in a label that the format looks correct. When I update the filter to use that when it loads it spins forever. It should return 3 rows. Any other tips?

There is an exception most probably - you can check it in your browser devtools.

Thanks for the tip. I found the issue, I was setting new Date() on page load and not on the grid events.