Date and time in Radzen

Greetings community,

For my application, I would like to add a time and date. Especially in realtime for my time zone. I am not really familliar with coding and I am fairly new with Radzen. Can someone help me out? An example is given in the picture below.


Thanks in advance!

Hello @ChrisI!

In C# to get the machine current Date and Time:

using System;
var now = DateTime.Now;

Since you're new to coding, I highly recommend checking out the Microsoft documentation too.

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Hello @kim,

Thanks for you response. I am definitely going to check out the MS documentation. I assume that those lines of code are for Visual Studio. Can I also insert this code in a component from Radzen?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Yes, Radzen uses the Blazor Framework and thus C#. Here's an example in Radzen:


For tips on the RadzenDatePicker and some more usages, check the Radzen examples.

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Thanks! This is working. However the time is static and doesn't update each second. How do I make this time realtime?

Thanks for helping!

Use a Timer object.

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