Datagrid with nested table

I am trying to make a Datagrid that displays "Students" but is able to add associated "State_Test_Results" to a column to the right of "Students" properties such as "first_name".

I am having a difficult time getting this functionality. I would like a students score such as "raw_score","development_score","achievement_level" to appear to the right based on what "state_test" I am looking for.

Is there a simple way in Radzen to add a score to a column next to basic "Students" properties based on that tests "strand" and "subject"?

Imagine I have Mike Smith and I want to pull in his development score to a column based on the "strand"(All) and "subject"(Algebra) and score range(0 - 250).

I basically need to somehow pull in all the results from a test based on subject, strand, score type and range into a single column per test type and score type next to their name. Any guidance would be significantly appreciated.

Below is the desired outcome. I am looking to pull the "EOC - ALG"(subject) w/ "ALL" (strand) and use the buttons to get the ranges.

If I purchased Enterprise could I get someone to put this together for me?

I am afraid I don't understand your question.

What is "Students"? What is "a column to the right of Students"?

What is a score? What is "strand" and "subject"? You are using terms from your application domain that we are not aware of.

Are you trying to create a calculated column? A column which displays a formula based on other columns? If yes you can use a the Template property of the RadzenGrid column. It allows you to use an arbitrary expression to display custom data. Just set the Template property of that column to the formula you need. For example:

${data.FirstName} ${data.LastName}

will display the full name of a person. You can use ${data.PropertyName} to get any column (property) of the data item.

The Radzen Enterprise subscription does not include consulting services.

Students is the entity from the schema that has properties such as first_name and last_name. Each "Student" has a list of "StateTestResults" among their other properties.

"strand" and "subject" belong to the "state_tests" table and are used to refer to the types of tests that a particular "state_test_result" might be to identify them. For example a strand may be "Functions and Modeling" and a subject may be "Algebra" and this data held in "state_test" is associated with each "state_test_result". The "state_test_result" contains scores such as "achievement_level","learning_gain","scale_score","points_possible","points_earned" etc.

I do not think so.

I am attempting to add many "state_test_result"s properties such as "achievement_level","learning_gain","scale_score","points_possible","points_earned" etc. to individual columns based off their "state_test" properties such as "strand" and "subject". I then would like to filter out those scores with a range such as 0-250, 251-500 etc.

Thank you for taking the time to reply!

Radzen will not be able to display such a result from multiple tables in the same DataGrid. A possible solution is to create a SQL View which contains the required columns. Then display that view in a DataGrid.