Datagrid webassembly add row to grid


any hint how add row to datagrid in dynamic data on
List<IDictionary<string, object>> data

The .NET List class has an Add method. What stops you from using it?

yes, stupid question :slight_smile:

OK, that's another question for you,
for many reasons I had to add a second data grid

They both have the same columns but different values, so the ColumnWidth of the columns are different
how to make it the same?

another question, is it possible that if I move in the first horizontal scroll, the same will move in the second?

You should set the ColumnWidth to the same value. No other way.

No, not really.

ok, thank you for it.
is it possible to in radzen -> 1 row 2 columns have, in one column have button on left side on on second on the right?

<RadzenRow JustifyContent="JustifyContent.End">
    <RadzenColumn >
        <RadzenButton ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Success" Icon="add_circle_outline" Text="Add New Role" Click="@InsertRow" />
    <RadzenColumn >
        <RadzenButton ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Success" Icon="add_circle_outline" Text="Add Column" Click="@AddColumn" Visible=@VisibleAddColumn/>