DataGrid Virtualization OverscanCount

Our application is rendering approximately 300,000 records with 10 columns. We are investigating the possibility of using Virtualization over Paging but are experiencing a slow and flickering render on scroll.

I was wondering if you had any plans to expose the OverscanCount parameter of Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.Web.Virtualization.Virtualize so we could attempt to tweak the balance between LoadData frequency and render time.

It will be part of our next update early next week.

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Will this be added to RadzenDropDown?

Now, when scrolling, the database is accessed every 4 lines, with a request for 13 records. When scrolling through 200 rows, that's 50 requests. I would like to make 4 requests of 50 lines or something like that

Wow, very fast! Thank you! Waiting for the release

Glad we switched from Mudblazor to Radzen :wink:

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Can we get "placeholder" in virtualization? To show that items are loading


source: Blazor WebAssembly : Virtualize Component - EP20 - YouTube

Also with virtualization checkbox of already marked elements is reset, an example in git

Hey @TiuDerca,

We accept pull requests!