DataGrid Virtualization Doesn't Work when height set to >525px

When using virtualisation I'm setting height to >525 and the data doesn't virtualize correctly. In this instance I'm trying to set height to 700px. This particular list below has 18 items and it is only rendering the inital 10. If I change height back to 500, it renders correctly.

As you can see the grid is allocating enough space, but it is not rendering.

<RadzenDataGrid AllowFiltering="true" AllowColumnResize="true" AllowSorting="true"
				Data="@Workers" TItem="AxionUser" LogicalFilterOperator="LogicalFilterOperator.And" FilterMode="FilterMode.Simple" FilterCaseSensitivity="FilterCaseSensitivity.CaseInsensitive" AllowPaging="false" AllowVirtualization="true" Style="height:525px" >

Hi @Andre,

Try increasing the PageSize of your DataGrid. By default it is 10 and this is how many items are fetched and rendered.

Thanks, that does fix it.

So it would appear even when you start scrolling it doesn't try fetch new items.