Datagrid Virtualization broken in Firefox

When using the datagrid in Firefox the component pulls the entire list object instead of skipping and taking 10. This makes the initial load of the component very slow.

To reproduce:
Open Firefox and navigate to:
Component virtualizes entire list.

I was able to reproduce this. Looks like Blazor Virtualize component works in different way in Firefox vs Chrome. Here is how it looks the rendering in FF:

And here is it in Chrome:

Unfortunately at the moment I'm not sure what's causing this and how to fix it - we will research it.

Any update on this? One of our customers is complaining how much slower the site is in firefox.

Unfortunately we don’t have any progress on this issue.

UPDATE: I was able to replicate the issue outside of the DataGrid and I've found fix - it will be part of our next update before the end of the week!

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Thanks, it works now! Great effort!