Datagrid, updating custom column value depending on table column value

Hi, I'm a new user. I just recently started using radzen and I'm in the process of evaluating whether it will be good enough for every day development in server side blazor. I have good knowledge of sql server but I'm a novice user of c#.

I recently bumped into a problem where I have a datagrid with a sex column encoded as "M" for male and "F" for female. I want to display "MALE" or "FEMALE" in a custom column instead. I thought I should use the RowRender datagrid event to add my code, first creating a property sexval = "MALE" and then another with sexval = "FEMALE" if the table column sex=='F'. First, I realized, I had no way to access ${data} in datagrid events (using radzen 2.67.3), then I'm not sure you can use == to compare strings in c#. Could you help me?

You should use the Template of the column instead - ${data} is only available in templates. Something like this should work: ${data.Sex == "F" ? "Female" : "Male"} where Sex is the name of the property which Radzen has generated for that column.

You know, my previous message was long and I didn't want to go through all the struggles I went through to make this thing work. I had already used a template in a textbox for the sex column with exactly the code you mentioned in the value of the textbox, ${data.Sex == "F" ? "Female" : "Male"}. I should mention, the moment I type the dot after the data, I get a list of what's available and that includes the sex column. However, the compilation fails with the following message:

dotnet: E:_SYSTEM_FOLDERS\Desktop\prasino\server\Pages\HrStaff.razor(35,79): error CS1061: 'HrStaff' does not contain a definition for 'Sex' and no accessible extension method 'Sex' accepting a first argument of type 'HrStaff' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) [E:_SYSTEM_FOLDERS\Desktop\prasino\server\GreenSpaces.csproj]

I should also mention I have no problems with the sex column, I can display it fine.

How does the HrStaff class look like? You can paste the code here.

it was sex and not Sex, C is a case sensitive language, funny thing how you and I both wrote it with a capital S and it caused the compilation to fail, thanks a lot!