Datagrid TextAlign.Left

TextAlign.Left in Datagrid cells is not working. The cell content is aling to center. TextAlign.Right is working well.
In the designer it shows correct.

Is ther a solution?

Hi @Prefekt,

Welcome to the Radzen community!

Left alignment is the default alignment of all HTML elements hence the Radzen DataGrid. You can see it in action in the online demos.

What you see is probably some global, application specific CSS rule which affects the DataGrid cells as well. You can locate that via your browser's developer tools. Once you discover it you may limit it so it doesn't affect the DataGrid. Or use the DataGrid CellRender event to explicitly specify text-align: left

void CellRender(CellRenderEventArgs<OrderDetail> args)
      args.Attributes.Add("style", "text-align: left");