Datagrid tabbing


Is it possible to force focus to move from one Datagrid column to another (but not the next column) when the TAB key is pressed? Suppose, for example, that I wanted to check the value that had been selected in a dropdown and, based on the selection, tab to either column 7 or column 9, something like that.


Hi @SolutionJ,

The DataGrid is single tab stop component, you can move between header cells / data /cells using arrows. Check our first demo for reference about keyboard navigation:

Good morning,

My specific requirement is to pre-fill several columns of a new row automatically, so in this instance I would like, for example, the 9th cell of a new row to get the focus rather than the user having to skip over the first 8 pre-filled columns. Is this not possible, then?

It is possible to focus desired component in desired column EditTemplate:

That's great, many thanks :slightly_smiling_face: