DataGrid: string filter - allow multiple properties

Is it possible to allow for multi-property filtering in the datagrid?

As shown in the documentation, it’s easy to use a template to show FirstName LastName as one column value without actually having a FullName property. But as far as I can see, it’s not possible to allow filtering on both properties.

I can work around this by creating a custom gridXLoadData function where I check for a “contains” on a certain property and if so replace that single “contains” property by “(contains(property, value) or contains(property, value))”, but I think radzen can generate cleaner code than what I have to write to work around it.

Hi Ruben,

Indeed at the moment filtering a DataGrid column by multiple properties is not supported. I’ve logged your suggestion and we will do our best to find a way to provide this, in the meantime you can achieve your goal using external filtering outside of the DataGrid similar to this article or by using computed column in your database table/view. Manipulating loadData event argument filter expression is definitely an option as well.

Best Regards,