Datagrid - Stop selection change when editing

I am using Radzen with Blazor Web Assembly .net Core 5. I am working with a data grid and have it set up for single select as well as Inline editing. There is a separate form on the page that is read only and shows additional information about the selected record. When you hit edit on the datagrid it unlocks that other form. I do lock down the edit buttons on all rows when a record is being edited, the issue is that they can still select other rows which will then change the data in that form. Is there a way to lock the grid from changing selected values until I call gridName.CancelEditRow(TItem) or something simular?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Jeremy,

You can't stop selection from happening. Maybe you can maintain a boolean flag which will tell whether edit mode is enabled or not.

Thank you for the response. I had thought of a couple ways around keeping the form data from changing, what I was really hoping to prevent was the item selected in the grid being different from the form and then getting "bug" tickets in which the end user swears up and down that they did not select a different item and they need me to find out why the data in the form is different then what is selected. I will have to spend around half a day trying unsuccessfully to re-create a bug that I already know is not there. But if it can't be done then it can't be done. Thank you for the response.

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