Datagrid stays empty when trying to populate it with entities from a custom method

Dear Community, this is my setup:
I am getting entities of type "Projektzeit", whose "Kosten" I am calculating in a custom method at runtime.
I want to show these Projektzeits in a datagrid, however this grid remains empty even after the method finished doing its work:

The column properties are spelled correctly

I am glad for any help

How does your custom method look like? What is the JSON response (you can check it in the browser's developer tools).

Indeed the json response is emtpy.
return Json(new {teilprojekte = teilprojekte});
is my last line of code where telprojekte is a list.
I thought that the Json method could serialize lists?

The Json method can serialize lists. Here is an example from our documentation which you can check - Display custom DB query in a DataGrid.

Ok got it.
Now I have a different problem with the following code:

The problem is that the 2nd method GetTeilprojekte doesnt get called. The funny thing is that when I remove the parameters the method gets called without problems. What do I miss?

We are not sure what the problem is. Did you check the generated code?

The GetTeilprojekte method doesnt get called. It requires two date parameters set in the first step above

We cannot determine the cause of this problem based on the description alone. We will need your application in order to investigate further. As a Radzen Professional user you can submit it to We will need the complete application in this case. You can remove the following directories to keep the file size small:

  • client\node_modules (if it exists)
  • server\bin
  • server\obj