Datagrid simplified filter for dates

Looking for a simple filter to be able to limit data to between 2 dates.

Below is what I found in the documentation.

How do you use this filter to get results between two dates?

I tried to add multiple conditions but couldn't figure it out...


I see you must use advanced to be able to choose multiple conditions.

Is there a way to use advanced for only one column if the grid is set to simple?

None of these options make sense to me?


There is no way to have different filter types per column - it’s only available for the entire DataGrid.

That's unfortunate.

In my opinion, one of the most basic ways to filter by date is to pick a to and from date. i.e. show me all the data between two dates.

Can we make the advanced mode way be incorporated into simple mode?

Or some other solution, it's just not user friendly in my opinion, most UI will be something like this:

I appreciate how powerful the filters are, but we need a simple user friendly version of the date filter please.

Using FilterTemplate you can create your own custom filtering for desired columns.

OK, but still think the simple should have an easy intuitive between two dates.

Can we please get some member feedback and/or feedback from your team?

Not sure what you are asking. Can you elaborate?