DataGrid simple filter bug


I'm using FilterMode.Simple in DataGrid with LoadData event and when I set some column filter, event is dispached and LoadDataArgs contains selected filter. But when I add second filter from different column, or even when I remove the first filter, raised event still contains just the first filter.

When I change to FilterMode.Advanced and do the same, everything works as expected. That means second raised LoadData event contains either both filters or none at all.

I have checked that FilterMode.SimpleWithMenu does not work either.

Works normally on our demo:

Example at docs is using Advanced filter mode, which works even for me.

I there a site, like JSFiddle, but for Blazor WASM, where i could copy docs example, modify it and paste link here for you to look at? I tried BlazorFiddle but it seems they don't provide a way how to include third-party lib like Radzen.Blazor.

You can simply use our examples and post the code here.

Hm, i'm jugling both of my datagrid problems, this one and settings one, and it seems, both are related to settings. If I don't use @bind-Settings simple filtering is working fine. So I'm marking this as resolved and I'll try to figure out the settings situation in the other thread.

You can check the code I've posted in your other thread: