DataGrid settings load/save issue

I'm currently using the DataGrid with load/save settings using the LoadData. When only the page is changed and you navigate away from the grid and back, the page will be saved properly and shown.

If you add a filter on one of the columns and navigate away, the currentpage shows the right number but the args being passed in is 0.

It seems like the currentpage is not being passed with the LoadDataArgs when a filter is part of the settings.

The grid is setup to use Simple filtering and I am using FilterTemplates.

Hi @michaelgrissom,

There is no current page property in LoadDataArgs. Paging related properties are Skip and Top:

Keep in mind that LoadData event will be called at least two times - first to load the initial data and if there are saved settings to reload the data according to the save settings.

Right, the CurrentPage was in the DataGridSettings, after the saved settings are loaded into the Grid, the skip property does not match the CurrentPage setting. For example CurrentPage is 2 and the skip is 0.

Seems to only happen if there is a filter set on at least one column and you are on a page other than the first one.

Our demo works normally:

As you can see the logs. The Settings are loaded into the Grid and the current page is 2. As you can see LoadData gets called twice and both have skip as 0.

You can check the code of our demo to find what’s different with your implementation.