DataGrid Select Row Too slow

I was using DataGrid component with selection as BlazorServer project and it was just fine.
On my new project I created Blazor WebAssembly project and when I start using selection it looks like selection take me a lot of time - most between 700ms and 1400ms. In contrast with blazor server project when the selection is almost immediate.
I am not doing anything On SelectRow method.
The problem persist on both version of .NET Core 5 and 6.

I am adding a screenshot of the screen with selected row.

I am adding content of the razor file and part of the code behind file to clarify the problem

     <RadzenSplitterPane Size="80%">
            <div class="row">
                <div class="col-12  sbc-grid-split-l">
                    <RadzenDataGrid AllowSorting="true"
                                    AllowFiltering="   true"
                                    Style="height: calc(100vh - 10.5rem); "
                                    RowSelect="@((sc)=>{  SelectedCustomer = sc;})"
                            <RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="Customer" Property="CustomerNo"
                                                  Title="CustomerNo" Frozen="true"
                                                  SortProperty="CustomerNo" />
                            Total 24 columns


And the LoadData is

 protected async Task LoadData(LoadDataArgs args) {
                DateTime rptDate = new DateTime(2021, 6, 30);
                string filter = string.IsNullOrEmpty(Filter) ? "no" : Filter;
                var result = await Http.GetFromJsonAsync<Tuple<IEnumerable<Customer>, int>>(
                Data = result.Item1;
                DataCount = result.Item2;

Can the problem be related to the size of the controls in the page( 25 columns and 25 rows)?

We can't reproduce such a problem. There isn't an inherent performance issue related to web-assembly.
You can try removing code/components until you find what is causing the performance problem. Alternatively you could send us your application to (in case you have a Radzen Professional subscription).

Thank for your time and support.
I followed your advice and start removing columns. It looks like the problem is related to the count of columns shown. The same grid with just only 4 columns left show very different picture. The Click event now take only 200 ms.

So it looks like it is not good to have grid with a lot of columns.