Datagrid select on right mouse click


I'm using a Blazor server version.
I want on right mouse click (open context menu) to select current row. Or how that can be possible. On OnRowClick we have only MouseEvntArgs.

Because I have a issue when user select first row on datagrid, and then call a context menu on some other row (the selected row is still active) and do a delete. Delete will delete selected row what is wrong.

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Hi @mmitrovic,

At the moment this is not supported. We will do our best to provide a way for row/cell context menus in some of our future releases.

Hi @enchev,

This is a fast solution, I really appreciate that.

I can see your changes and that should work, but I don't see the changes when I pull last NuGet version (3.11.11). Can you help me with that?

These changes are still unreleased, it will be later this week.

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Just released:

Works as expected, many thanks!

How is it possible for now?

Hey @Duy_Kh_ng,

Check the demo I’ve posted. The code is here: