DataGrid Nested Objects in Nested Columns

Is it possible for nested columns within a DataGrid to display data from an object within the DataGrid data object, and if so how would one go about achieving that?

I have provided a diagram of what I'm attempting to refer to below.

You can set column Property to any sub property using dot notation. For example::

This works no matter if the column is composite or not.

Ok thanks, I'll give that a go.

I have attempted to implement what you have described, but I clearly haven't done it correctly.
Would you be able to advise me on what I have done wrong and how to correct it?


I'll provide code below.



Your betas property is a collection - you cannot access it like this since you’ve not specified which item.

Is it not possible to achieve this if betas is a collection?
What would I need to change have this work as intended?

Thank you it works perfectly