DataGrid Master Detail Hierarchy empty in details

I have the next problem,
when I press the expand button the details are empty, but there are records
i am use radzen 2.15.5 in Visual studio 2019

<RadzenDialog />
<RadzenGrid PageSize="5" TItem="RolRowModel" AllowPaging="true" Data="@rows">
    <Template Context="detailRowitems">
                <RadzenTabsItem Text="Permisos">
                    <RadzenGrid  AllowPaging="true"  TItem="AuthoritationDetailRolRowModel" Data="@detailRowitems.AuthoritationDetailRolRowModel" >
                            <RadzenGridColumn TItem="AuthoritationDetailRolRowModel" Property="BranchOfficeName" Title="Rol" />

        <RadzenGridColumn TItem="RolRowModel" Property="CompanyRolRowModel.CompanyName" Title="Compañia" />

@code {
    public int UserId { get; set; }

    RadzenGrid<RolRowModel> radzenGrid { get; set; }

    private IEnumerable<RolRowModel> rows;
    protected override void OnInitialized()
        rows = _rolService.GetAllRowsDataTableAsync(UserId);


Hi @claudio,

Welcome to the Radzen Community!

Your case sounds similar to our hierarchy demo. You can compare the implementation and look for any differences. To be honest those DataGrid's don't look empty - they have two records. You can check the column configuration to see if is correct.

Thanks korchev,
I already found my error, it was missing put toList () to the IQueryable result